Many of our non-profit friends are aware of how important it is to retain existing donors, rather than focusing only on gaining new ones. Something as simple as a personal “thank you” within 48 hours is enough to make a donor four times more likely to donate again, according to Guidestar. But how can you continue making donors feel appreciated over time and between donations?

Donor appreciation events are a great way to help donors feel continuously engaged in your organization. They let donors know how much they’ve helped you and also give you a natural way to re-engage with them and keep them apprised of your mission. Here are some donor appreciation ideas to keep the gratitude flowing:

Gift a Delicious Delivered Meal

If you are looking for a simple donor appreciation gift with a big impact, consider having food delivered to donors’ homes. With how busy people’s schedules can be, really great food is often a welcome treat that makes people’s lives easier. Especially during the holiday season, even something as simple as a tray of desserts that someone could share at holiday gatherings can be a time saver. The great thing about this idea is that it can be scaled up or down with donor levels, from cookies to a multi-course meal. Our team is filled with experts at handling the logistics of delivering to long donor lists.

Host a Mission-Related Class

Donors want to feel connected to your mission, and a fun class can be a great way to bring them in. Instead of a standard wine tasting or cocktail mixing class, choose one that simultaneously communicates something about your mission. For example, if your non-profit does extensive work in a foreign country, consider a cooking class for that nation’s local cuisine.

Host an Outdoor Event

Hire a band or rent equipment to set up a drive-in movie, and don’t forget to offer some yummy refreshments! An outdoor event is a great option these days because it can be easier to adapt to evolving health safety standards. You could host a concert where people can space themselves or a drive-in movie where families can remain in their vehicles while our team serves specialty popcorn flavors, desserts, and more.

Have a Game Show Gala

To create an event that allows donors to interact even more with your mission, plan a game show gala. A fabulous sit-down meal makes donors feel special, while a game show filled with facts and statistics about your mission brings a fun, novel element to the table. And did you know that galas with great food can be virtual?

Celebrate a Holiday

Holidays are great excuses to reconnect with donors over something fun. A Halloween haunted house or a Memorial Day cookout with our Texas Chuckwagon create opportunities to plan events that aren’t fundraising focused, but that keep donors engaged with your organization. 

What are some donor appreciation ideas that have worked well for you? How can we help bring those ideas to life? Reach out to our coordinators today!