Winter weddings will be upon us before we know it. If that’s your wedding, it’s not too late to add some of this season’s best trends. We expect winter wedding trends for 2022 to be filled with joy over the return of more traditional events, while bringing forward some of the best elements from the smaller weddings we’ve seen over the last year.

Warm Lighting

The intimacy of smaller weddings has created some beautiful memories for couples. As weddings return to longer guest lists, decor and lighting that recreate that intimate ambiance will be incredibly popular. Warm lighting from candles and string lights add this touch effortlessly.

Pro Tip: Looking for more ways to have the closeness of a small wedding at a larger event? Consider our family-style service option. Guests will sit down to deliciously curated platters of food to pass around the table like a family eating at home.

Quality Over Quantity

When weddings were inevitably down-sized over the last year, there was much more space in wedding budgets to focus on the quality of details more so than the quantity of details. Micro weddings saw couples opt for more luxurious menus and special decor to delight smaller, more intimate groups. While guest lists will gleefully grow as the world normalizes to some degree, there’s also a new standard and appreciation for high-quality experiences.

Seasonal Umami

If you’re having a winter wedding, you want it to feel like one. Seasonal menus are a wedding trend for Royal Fig all year, every year. As brides seek higher quality experiences for their guests, we’re sure they’ll find what we’ve known for over a decade now: seasonal food tastes infinitely better. And the unshakeable popularity of all things pumpkin spice shows that most people have a taste for seasonal flavors as well. Even the simple addition of a warm station, like a hot apple cider or hot chocolate bar can have a big impact. Every part of our menu is created to take full advantage of seasonal flavors, from our appetizers to our cake flavors, so be sure to ask our team how you can add winter flavors to your wedding.


Have you spotted a major wedding theme yet? Luxury is everywhere, which naturally leads us to velvet. Whether it’s velvet suits for groomsmen, dresses for bridesmaids, or velvet-upholstered chairs for guests, this fabric is bound to make an appearance in weddings everywhere this winter.


When the world paused, we collectively noticed that the earth took a breath around us. The headlines were filled with how nature went on while we were at home, which along with concerns about climate change, has refocused weddings on sustainable practices. From renting wedding dresses and decor, to choosing a caterer who sources almost all of our ingredients locally, the emphasis on sustainability is a wedding trend for 2022 and beyond.

Which winter wedding trends do you want to add to your big day? Tell our coordinators all about it so we can make it happen!