5 COVID-19 Friendly Wedding Food Ideas

Your wedding is meant to be a special time, but the ongoing pandemic has added numerous stressors for brides across the nation. Aside from sorting out guest lists and newly limited venue space, food is one of the top concerns for brides who want to press on with their weddings. Even though food service looks bit different nowadays, your guests can still enjoy delectable food at your event. Here are some of our top wedding food ideas for these challenging times:

Say “I do” to appetizers.

One of the best ways to keep food safe at your event is to have individually portioned servings that help minimize the number of people handling items. Appetizers are an obvious solution for this problem, with options like sumptuous bacon-wrapped dates and elegant coq au vin flatbreads, already served in small portion sizes. 

Wedding food idea - serve foods like soup in cups or mugs that are easy for guests to grab.

Go for a cup-sized first course.

In keeping with the spirit of individual portions, a cup-sized first course is a great way to add interest to any menu. A mug of fall butternut squash soup with creme fraiche could be just the ticket to creating a warm, inviting ambiance.

Plate it up.

With social distancing guidelines in place, it’s possible that your guest list will shrink. With fewer guests, consider opting for plated service at your event, which will alleviate the potential for guests to congregate too closely in buffet lines, etc. Guests may feel more comfortable if they can easily choose whether to gather with others or remain at their tables.

Wedding food idea- serve plated meals that limit how much guests need to move around and congregate.

Get Your Catering To-Go.

If your wedding was cancelled or postponed, and you’re now looking at a much smaller wedding or elopement, it doesn’t mean you can’t have great food. If you’re still saving for a bigger celebration later (or even if you’re not), consider arranging drop-off or pick-up catering for a smaller celebration at home. With a catered meal, you can focus on celebrating your nuptials and might be surprised how many wonderful options are available.

Let us worry about food safety for you.

While some brides have given up plans for more traditional weddings, others still want their special day, and we completely understand that. As an Austin-area caterer, we’ve made the Caterer’s Promise and gone above and beyond to ensure that our food service is as safe as possible. While we’ve put a pause on our family-style offerings, we’ve made both plated and buffet services COVID-19 friendly with strict procedures for our staff and guests, as well as acrylic barriers for our serving stations. You can still have a fully catered event, and you can rely on our incredibly high food-safety standards and precautions to keep your guests well fed and comfortable.

Your wedding may look different than you once envisioned, but as an Austin catering company who has seen its fair share of weddings, we are sure that it can still be magical. Take a look at our wedding menus to see the amazing food options we are offering brides right now.