7 Company Holiday Party Ideas That Are Actually Awesome

Company holiday parties are staple corporate events that employees look forward to every year, and they’re a great time to show team members how much they’re appreciated. No matter what you are celebrating. great food, activities, and gifts are all essential components to an awesome company holiday party. Here are a few of our favorite unique corporate holiday party ideas.

Host a Drive-In Holiday Movie

This is a great idea for teams that want a unique family-friendly company holiday party. You can easily rent a large screen and projector for a drive-in viewing of a crowd-favorite holiday movie. Everyone can watch from their cars and partake in delicious catered food service. You bring the movie, and we can bring the hot chocolate bar, rosemary caramel popcorn, and other treats to make your company holiday party complete.

Hot chocolate bar at a holiday party

Have Your Company Holiday Party During Business Hours

Schedules can easily become jam-packed and overwhelming in the holiday season. Arranging for sitters, parking downtown and generally just getting out for another party on this time of year can be a major hassle. So, consider holding your company party during business hours. Make it special for a slightly different reason — your team will essentially get a little extra time off and it will allow some extra mingling and bonding time for your team.

Arrange Holiday Party Pods

If your team is spread out and not all in the office in person at this time, arrange for them to meet in smaller groups at multiple locations or homes around Austin. We’ve been working with corporate events like this lately, and they are very popular. We deliver meals to group locations and each group joins the larger event virtually, while still getting some face-to-face bonding.

Hire Someone to Teach a Unique Class

Another option is to give your team members the opportunity to learn a fun, new skill by hiring someone to teach a virtual class on anything from making a great drink to painting a picture. Take the time to do some prep work to ensure that everyone has the right supplies so everyone can easily participate.

Bring Back the White Elephant Gift Exchange

White Elephant Gift Exchanges can be such a great source of laughter and fun for your team. If you want to do it online, an easy way to track who’s claimed which gift is to have one person share a gift list on their screen. They can easily track gifts as they’re opened and names as gifts are passed around on a spreadsheet. If you have a bigger team, be sure to choose a video conferencing platform that allows you to break people into smaller groups. 

Let Your Team Compete

Sugar cookie decorating or gingerbread house building contests are a fun activity if your team thrives on competition. Bring all the supplies into the break room or if team members will be participating from home, you can have the supplies sent directly to them. Then team members can complete their decorations in a set amount of time during the party, while others can watch and cheer them on. Be sure to have a few non-participants ready to judge and pick a winner.

Spend Any Extra Cash on Gifts and Bonuses

No matter what you do for this year’s holiday party, consider offering a holiday bonus or purchasing a nice gift for each employee. We have worked with corporate catering clients to gift take-and-heat meals and we think a warm, family meal could make a wonderful gift to employees as well. We can team up to make arrangements for meal pick-ups, or you can simply purchase a Royal Fig gift card! Then your team can choose from our offerings to find the perfect fit for their holiday plans.

We’ve been working hard to help our corporate catering clients come up with creative company holiday party ideas. Be sure to contact us with your event needs and challenges so we can help you find solutions.