La Flaca


In the backyard of a South Austin suburban house you can find the urban garden that is La Flaca. Alejandra Rodriguez, an MBA graduate from the University of Texas, founded La Flaca when she couldn’t find any chilhuacle peppers in Austin for her mother’s traditional mole sauce. She realized there was a need for specialty herbs and peppers in the market so she set up shop.  

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La Flaca is passionate about the food scene in Austin and the culinary experimentation of the restaurants and caterers around them drives their passion to be constantly finding new flavors in their garden.   

Urban farming is revolutionizing the way we look at agriculture, our food sources and the work of farmers. Growing our food in the cities brings consumers closer to the products and opens the possibility for a new generation of farmers to begin.    

We wouldn’t be possible if the Austin food scene didn’t exist.” 

-Ben Carroll 

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