Fruithill Farm


Fruitful Hill Farm is 22-acres of organic agriculture, nestled in the pine forests of Smithville Texas. The farm is owned by the Ringger family, whom began it in 2002 as a fun, family adventure. Health was always important to the Ringgers, so they decided to provide chemical free produce to central Texans. In addition to their 22 acres of produce, they also have 50 acres of pasture for free-range chickens and goats.



Fruitful Hill Farm believes in produce that is fresh and of high quality. From their soil enrichment procedures to the great care they take in storing their produce before market, everything they do is to provide their customers with the best quality product they can.


The Ringgers have expanded slowly over the years but are in no rush to grow too quickly. They truly enjoy what they do and are happy to be able to share their passion with the Austin area community. As Dale Ringger says,

  • “Enjoy Life and provide a good product.”


Fruitful Hill Farm can be found at the Barton Creek Farmers Market, Lakeline Mall Farmers Market, and Pearl Market in San Antonio.

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