Great Ideas for Remote Corporate Team-Building

How has your team tackled the evolving COVID-19 workplace challenge? Has your team begun to work remotely or in staggered shifts? However you’re handling social distancing guidelines and health concerns, the reality is that the corporate teams often look very different these days. And as many companies have moved employees to remote work, they’ve discovered that team building and corporate parties are increasingly challenging, especially when it comes to shared activities like eating. Many have tried the “virtual happy hour,” but even that often leaves you with the feeling that there’s something missing from your team-building time.

We believe that a shared meal can be the key to bringing people together, no matter where they’re eating. That’s why we’ve been working with our corporate catering clients to come up with creative solutions that help their teams feel closer and more in sync, even while they’re spending so much time apart.

Central Pickup Spots

Ahead of big team meetings or virtual events, we’ve been working with companies to arrange central pick-up spots for snack and lunch boxes. Each individual can go home with a boxed lunch or even a take-and-heat meal, so that everyone can share the same meal from the comfort of their own homes. 

Order snack boxes that your employees can pick up for your next remote team-building event.

Team Pod Events

If your team is only partially remote or you’ve returned to gathering in the group sizes recommended by the CDC, consider hosting a pod event. Have your team meet together in pods of up to 10 people, and then have take-and-heat meals delivered to their locations. Everyone can then heat their meal and enjoy it at the same time. A pod event can be a great way to responsibly bring back some team building activities that are more suited to in-person events.

Corporate catering in Austin and across the nation looks very different these days, but with some creative collaboration, we can still ensure employees enjoy great food. Contact us today to see how your team-building activities can include delicious food.