What Happens After You Choose Us as Your Wedding Caterer?

We want all of our clients to find the wedding caterer that fits their needs the best. That’s why we created an entire guide for finding the perfect one! But, we have to say that we think we’ve created a really special experience for couples who choose us. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store if you choose Royal Fig as your wedding caterer.

1 Year Before Your Wedding Date

Initial Consult

Many of our brides come to us with a venue and a date already chosen, as well as a full service planner (and if you don’t have a wedding planner yet, we highly recommend hiring a professional to guide you through this often-stressful process). We use our initial consultation to determine if and how we fit each couple’s vision for their big day. Since we are a farm-to-table caterer, we have a distinctly delicious style of food that we do incredibly well, so we make sure that’s what our couples are really looking for. 

We also help couples determine what style of service works best for their vision. Family style, plated meals, buffets, and stations all create distinct atmospheres for your event and come in at different price points. We help couples work through these options to determine which is best for them on all levels. 

From there, one of the greatest benefits of working with Royal Fig is that we are a full-service caterer. That means that we provide much more than amazing food — we provide the tables, linens, tableware, and other rentals round out your event, as well as the staff and services that make it run smoothly. So, we also use this consultation to get a rough idea of other elements of the event you need our help with.

The Quote

With the information gathered in the initial consult, we give you a truly complete quote. Sometimes this quote comes with a bit of sticker shock, because it can look quite different from a wedding caterer who only provides food for your event. But it’s important to remember that this price is much more than food. We’re putting everything out there for you to see and provide the backbone of a beautifully orchestrated event.

10 to 11 Months Out

Private Tasting

We think that your tasting should allow you to experience your wedding menu as your guests will experience it. Our initial consultation often helps clients narrow their selections based on their chosen service style and the menu options that appeal most to them. With this information, we put together a completely private tasting with the same portion sizes your guests will see. You’ll have a complete sense of how the meal will look, feel, smell, and taste. If you’re still narrowing the menu down, we’re happy to make a couple of different options for each course.

The Contract

Somewhere between the initial consult and the tasting, when clients are ready, they sign a contract that secures us as their wedding caterer!

2 to 3 Months Out

Rental Consultations

When it comes time to begin placing rental orders, we provide dedicated consultations with couples. We are truly a one-stop-shop for our catering clients, where they can find all of the essentials their event needs, as well as specialty rentals to make their event pop! From beautiful china patterns and vintage glassware, to lounge furniture and other statement pieces, we make sure that your event has all the perfect finishing touches in place.

Final Walk-Through

At around 60 days out from the wedding, we meet couples and their planners at their chosen venue to do a final walk-through of all of the logistics for their big day. We make sure that the schedule, layout, and other details are all in place with plenty of time to add finishing touches if necessary.

7 Business Days Prior to Your Wedding

This is an important milestone to remember. We allow our couples to wait until just 7 business days before their event to finalize their menu, guest count, and exclusive rentals. We feel that this gives couples the flexibility they need to get all their wedding details in order, while giving us the time we need to source the freshest ingredients from local, organic farms.

The Final Countdown!

You might think that the final hours before your wedding will be stressful or filled with anxiety — but that won’t be the case with us (at least not when it comes to setting everything up). We arrive 2 to 3 hours ahead of each event to set up tables, chairs, rentals, etc., as well as our mobile kitchen. 

As your wedding gets underway, you’ll find that all of the details have been taken care of so that you can simply enjoy your new spouse, family, and friends. Our service staff is second to none and will ensure that everyone at your event is well taken care of (and they’ll be raving all night long about the amazing food!). 

If this sounds like the experience you want for your wedding, contact us today to book a consultation!