Wild Onion Ranch


A Venue with a History of Love

The Wild Onion Ranch is a charming venue with a rich history. It has been owned by the same family for over 80 years and several generations of that family have been married there. That same family still lives there today and opens their home to anyone who would like to be a part of the history that is their home.



The indoor space is about 2400 square feet and there are 1.5 acres of gardens. The indoor space can accommodate up to 400 guests and 1000 guests with additional tents added. Additionally, there is a bridal and groom suite.

The venue provides enough tables for 300 guests and 300 folding fruitwood chairs. Any other rentals you may need can be ordered by Royal Fig.

Rain Contingency Plan

If the guest count is over 100 people or there is a band, receptions will need to be held in the indoor space with a tent attached. Rarely does the rain effect the ceremony site.



South of Austin

Guest Capacity: Up to 400


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