How Do I Make My Wedding Venue Stand Out?

Once you’ve found your wedding planner, chosen your venue, and checked other to-dos off your list by choosing a full-service caterer like us, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Obviously you love your venue, but you may wonder what you can do to make your wedding stand out. What kinds of wedding rentals can help your big day feel more like “you”?

What We Offer

We’ve worked with many couples with the same question. That’s why we have collected amazing china patterns, vintage glassware, inviting lounge furniture, and unique statement pieces to rent exclusively to our catering clients. For our wedding clients in Austin, we can add unique touches to your tablescapes or assemble wedding lounge furniture for the perfect, cozy vignette. Even the bar or dessert table can become something special with our selection of bookcases perfect for elegant displays.

We not only have our own selection of wedding rentals in our warehouse but also have partnerships with Bee Lavish Vintage Rentals and Marquee Event Rentals to ensure that we offer a complete and varied inventory to our clients. 

How to Select Wedding Rentals That Are Uniquely “You”

To create the perfect lounge area, tablescape, or vignette at your wedding, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

1. Consider your color palette and theme. Adding unique details to your wedding will give it the multidimensional feeling of a truly special event. But those details need to blend well with everything you’re already including. If you have a vintage theme, you’ll want to select details that complement it well and match your color scheme. 

2. Give guests options. From activities to keep guests busy to seating options, guests will enjoy your wedding even more when you infuse their experience with variety. For your cocktail hour, for example, don’t forget that not all guests will want or be able to stand at cocktail tables. Create other seating options through inviting lounge areas.

3. Start with the basics. Whether it’s a lounge area or tablescape, there are always a few basic elements to consider. For a wedding lounge, for example, you’ll want to start with the grounding pieces like furniture: a variety of seating options (sofas, chairs, and floor cushions), tables to set drinks and food on, and lighting to make the space warm and inviting. These essential elements create the overall structure of the lounge.

4. Add layers of details. After you have the basic scaffolding, it’s time to add the layers of details that add polish to any decorative feature. For example, these touches take your wedding lounge from a waiting room to the “place to be.” Layer rugs to achieve a vintage or boho look. Add pillows to keep all seating options comfy. And don’t forget the smaller details, like floral arrangements or draperies, that perfectly blend your lounge area with the rest of your wedding. 

How It Works

You can view a number of our wedding rentals, as well as some of Marquee’s most popular china patterns and more in our showroom after your tasting. Bee Lavish’s inventory is available for perusing online, as well. Once you’ve worked with your planner and our coordinators to narrow down the types of items you’ll need, you can select the perfect wedding rentals for your venue from our collective inventory. 

If your rentals fit on the trucks we’re already sending to your wedding, there are no additional delivery fees or charges. And even if they don’t fit, you’ll see a flat $150 delivery fee within a 30-mile radius of Austin. That means you won’t see any of the late-night or weekend delivery fees that other rental companies often charge. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of a single point of contact, streamlining your wedding with our reliable team.

With a few simple wedding rentals, you can quickly and easily make your wedding venue feel more personalized and special. And at the same time, you’ll be maximizing your guests’ experience. If you’re already planning to cater your Austin-area wedding with us, don’t forget to ask about the rentals available exclusively to you. If not, reach out to our coordinators to see how our full-service experience can make for an unforgettable event.