Since everything else in 2020 seems to be turned upside down, why not try some new versions of your favorite holiday desserts? We’ve come up with some creative ideas for our holiday menu this year that take old favorites over the top. We’re sure they would make exciting additions to any Christmas dinner or even a fun “friendsgiving” event, and they’re the perfect treats to share with friends or clients. (And don’t miss an exclusive recipe from one of our chefs below!)

Gingerbread Whoopie Pies

Instead of the traditional gingerbread cookie, we’ve taken the same flavors to a whole new level. Our moist gingerbread cookies sing when simple royal icing decorations are swapped out for a wonderful, pillowy filling.

Photo by Jenny DeMarco

Bourbon Bread Pudding Cups

If bread pudding is a staple on your holiday dinner table, imagine how the smooth sweet notes of a good bourbon could kick it up a notch. That’s just what we’ve done with our bread pudding cups, which are conveniently portioned into individual servings.

Spiced Flourless Chocolate Cake Cups

While gluten-free desserts have come a long way in recent years, there’s nothing like the decadence of a flourless chocolate cake. We’ve dressed ours up for the holidays with a medley of festive spices.

Winter Cake Pops

If a plate of Christmas cookies sounds boring to you, consider swapping them out for holiday-decorated winter cake pops. We’re making ours in vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, chocolate mint, and salted caramel flavors.

Rosemary Caramel Popcorn

Along with the holidays, you’ll inevitably see giant tins of flavored popcorn rolling around. But we’ve given caramel popcorn a fresh makeover with the addition of rosemary. The woodsy, aromatic flavor mingles with all of the delicious notes you expect from caramel for a truly sumptuous holiday favorite. 

Apple Galette with Candied Cranberry Topping

Finally, instead of the standard apple pie, try an apple galette on for size. We love its rustic, yet elegant, look for any holiday table. The tartness of a cranberry topping is the perfect balance to the traditional sugar blast of an apple pie filling.

Get our Apple Galette with Candied Cranberry Topping recipe for free here >>

Want to know the best part of these dessert ideas? You can find most of them on our holiday menu. They finish off our savory options perfectly, but could also be the perfect finale for your Christmas dinner menu as well. Contact us today to see how you can enjoy these and a number of other treats without doing any of the work!